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What's an ON.UXCamp Event Like?

A few weeks ago we invited the Swiss IxDA and friends to hand in their ideas and sessions to share. We are excited about the broad and richer list of speakers. Our concept of an event from the UX community for the community adapted to the remote world.

  • Sessions last 30 mins and involve talking, asking
 questions, taking part… not just listening
  • The speakers share in their session the personal knowledge, whether experience or new insight - we are open to diversity - in every respect
  • Take the conversation further during the breaks

Join an enthusiastic crowd and learn a few things along the way.

All of this is happening live.

What Do You get from ON.UXCamp?

A friendly community gathering focused on learning, sharing, and connecting with each other. With a focus on practical insights. Speakers are always open to discuss their tracks.

We are looking forward to having as many people as possible join our ON.UXCamp Switzerland event — so please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested in being part of it.

We caaaaan’t wait to see you 👋


This is our Program

UX slows us down!

Tim Schoch
UX Designer at Validate

What makes the Design Sprint methodology so special?

Steph Cruchon
Founder Facilitator, UX/UI at Design Sprint Ltd

Applying permaculture principles in the digital world

Daryna Ariamnova
UX Wizard at Zürcher Kantonalbank

The Entire Design Thinking Process

Deborah Amajuoyi Udochukwu
Lead Product Designer at Fluidangle

A day in the life of a gut-driven method nerd

Florian Wille
Strategic Product Designer @dreipol and Lecturer 

How we iterate on a feature to empower our customers

Beatriz Gómez Pérez
Digital product designer at TestingTime

Jobs To Be Done: Von der Theorie zur Praxis

Manuel Bürli
UX Designer at @HerrBuerli

Design and launch your own app with no-code tools in 5 steps!

Karla Fernandes
UI/UX Designer | Building your MVP using powerful and reliable no-code tools! at Vitamina K

Design for the planet. How to shift towards Planet Centric Design.

Samuel Huber
Strategy Director at Goodpatch

New and scalable approaches to usability testing

Kristian Vybiral
Founder at

Why I think UX Designers would make great Product Managers?

Sev Oz
UX Designer at Unic

Get insights into approaches on how to communicate data in a more accessible and engaging way

Nicole Lachenmeier
Data design expert, UI/UX Designer at Co-Founder Superdot

Designing smart toys for young smart citizens

Leyla Tawfik
IxDA Ticino, founder @Ethafa at Ethafa / SUPSI

Design tokens in design systems

Sherif Saleh
Design System Lead at Full time job at Credit Suisse, Side projects GoRight, Craftingemails

The User Experience for Selling Carbon Reductions to Switzerland

Tim Reutemann
Research associate at BAFU

Rememberability - an underestimated factor in UX

Annina Brügger
User Experience Architect at Zeix AG



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Thomas's photo

Thomas Link

Chapter Lead, IxDA Zurich

Pat's photo

Pat Mächler

Lidia's photo

Lidia Panio

IxDA Romandie,

Daryna's photo

Daryna Ariamnova

UX Wizard, Zürcher Kantonalbank

Steph's photo

Steph Cruchon

Founder Facilitator, UX/UI, Design Sprint Ltd

Manuel's photo

Manuel Bürli

UX Designer, @HerrBuerli

Deborah's photo

Deborah Amajuoyi Udochukwu

Lead Product Designer, Fluidangle

Tim's photo

Tim Reutemann

Research associate, BAFU

Beatriz's photo

Beatriz Gómez Pérez

Digital product designer, TestingTime

Sherif's photo

Sherif Saleh

Design System Consultant. , Co founder

Tim's photo

Tim Schoch

UX Designer, Validate

Nicole's photo

Nicole Lachenmeier

Data design expert, UI/UX Designer, Co-Founder Superdot

Karla's photo

Karla Fernandes

UI/UX Designer | Building your MVP using powerful and reliable no-code tools!, Vitamina K

Leyla's photo

Leyla Tawfik

IxDA Ticino, founder @Ethafa, Ethafa / SUPSI

Annina's photo

Annina Brügger

User Experience Architect, Zeix AG

Samuel's photo

Samuel Huber

Strategy Director, Goodpatch

Sev's photo

Sev Oz

UX Designer, Unic

Sabrina's photo

Sabrina Strebel

UI/UX Designer, UX Camp Team /

Florian's photo

Florian Wille

Strategic Product Designer and Teacher, ZhdK & Dreipol

Kristian's photo

Kristian Vybiral


Varya's photo

Varya Stepanova

Design Systems Architect, Engineering Manager, GoRight Co-founder

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Event Starts

Sat, 29 May 2021

10:00 AM


Event Ends

Sat, 29 May 2021

1:30 PM


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