Sep 15

Distributed SQL Virtual Summit 2020


About this Event

Welcome! If you've come for the Distributed SQL Virtual Summit 2020, you're in the right place. Enter your ticket code to the right and we'll see you in the main event!

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Michelle's photo

Michelle Brinich

Grishma's photo

Grishma Mehta

Designer, Yugabyte

Karthik's photo

Karthik Ranganathan

CTO and Co-Founder, Yugabyte

Nikhil's photo

Nikhil Chandrappa

Lead Software Engineer, Yugabyte

Allison's photo

Allison Kunz

Solutions Engineer, Hasura

Alan's photo

Alan Caldera

Principal Solution Architect, Yugabyte

Mike's photo

Mike Denman

Sr. Sales Engineer, Yugabyte

Joe's photo

Joe Beda

Principal Engineer, VMware

Mehrdad's photo

Mehrdad Nurolahzade

Platform Engineer, Twitter

Brenesh's photo

Brenesh Stanslas Flower Mary

Senior Architect, Wipro Digital

Hale's photo

Hale Donertasli

Cloud Architect, Rakuten Mobile

Lianghong's photo

Lianghong Xu

Engineering Manager, Storage and Caching Team, Pinterest

James's photo

James Hartig

Co-Founder, Admiral

Prasad's photo

Prasad Radhakrishnan

VP Data Engineering, Yugabyte

Christoph's photo

Christoph Pakulski

Senior Software Engineer, Tetrate

Tobias's photo

Tobias Meixner


Joe's photo

Joe Hellerstein

Chief Strategy Officer at Trifacta and Professor at UC Berkeley,

Puneet's photo

Puneet Devadiga

Platform Architect, Rakuten Mobile

Kartik's photo

Kartik Rallapalli

Principal Enterprise Architect, TracFone Wireless

James's photo

James Taylor

Principal Engineer, Comcast

Mahesh's photo

Mahesh Tyagarajan

VP Engineering, Kroger

Hudson's photo

Hudson Clark

Software Engineer, Censys

Ethan's photo

Ethan Uberseder

Infrastructure Engineer, Censys

DaShaun's photo

DaShaun Carter

Tanzu Solution Engineer, VMware

Kannan Muthukkaruppan

Tyler Ramer

Damien's photo

Damien Tanner

Video Stream

Travis's photo

Travis Logan

CTO & Co-Founder, Justuno

Ken's photo

Ken Owens

Vice President, Cloud Native Engineering, Mastercard

Evan's photo

Evan Powell

CEO, MayaData

DaShaun's photo

DaShaun Carter

Event Starts

Tue, 15 Sep 2020

10:00 AM


Event Ends

Thu, 17 Sep 2020

3:00 PM


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