Sep 21

Oslo Innovation Week 2020 Studio

Oslo Innovation Week

About this Event

It's time to build!

We all need to build. Some build physically, others virtually. Innovation never stops, and this year we are bringing it to you, wherever you are. That's right - we're going digital! 

Oslo Innovation Week is Norway's largest gathering of innovative minds, where we showcase, share, and discuss sustainable solutions and business development. This year we invite you to explore these issues from the comfort of your own home.

Welcome to Oslo Innovation Week 2020, 21-25 September.

OIW Studio Agenda

All times are CEST (GMT+2)


ICT Norway - Circular Economy - OIW Studio - 1100-1400
Oslo Innovation Week Opening - OIW Studio - 1530-1700


OIW 100 Pitches - OIW Studio - 1000-1330
Energy Valley - Energy - OIW Studio - 1400-1700


Norway Health Tech - Health Innovation - OIW Studio - 0900-1145
OIW 100 Pitches Final - OIW Studio - 1300-1345


Oslo Scaleup Workshop - OIW Studio - 0900-1200
Antler - Accelareting Growth - OIW Studio - 1400-1700 


Cisco - Future of Work - OIW Studio - 1000-1300
Oslo Innovation Award - OIW Studio - 1300-1330

What else?

In addition to our Studio events you will be able to enjoy a huge variety of events taking place during Oslo Innovation Week 2020. All events will be accessible via our Konf platform. See our program for more information:

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Oslo's photo

Oslo Business Region

Kristine's photo

Kristine Koslung

Business Developer, Kjeller Innovasjon AS

Håkon's photo

Håkon Haugli

CEO, Innovation Norway

Victoria's photo

Victoria Marie Evensen

The Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership, Oslo Kommune

Safi's photo

Safi Bahcall

Physicist, a biotech entrepreneur, and former public-company CEO,

Mette's photo

Mette Lykke

CEO, Too Good To Go

Espen's photo

Espen Løberg

Senior Director, Cisco

Åse's photo

Åse Lunde

EVP Digitalization & Business Development, Entra

Odd Richard's photo

Odd Richard Valmot

Technology Editor, Teknisk Ukeblad

Dag's photo

Dag Andreassen

Curator, Norwegian Technical Museum

Eli's photo

Eli Grimsby

CEO, Oslo Bygg

Ieva 's photo

Ieva Sibilla Strupule

CEO , Material Mapper

Toril 's photo

Toril Nag

Group Executive Vice President, Lyse

Stig 's photo

Stig Ervik

CEO, Norsirk

Nina's photo

Nina Wilhelmsen

Nordic Channel & Ecosystem Leader, IBM

Elisabeth's photo

Elisabeth Nissen Eide

Compliance & Sustainability Manager, Atea

Inger's photo

Inger Sethov

Executive Vice President, Communication & Public Affairs, Norsk Hydro

Kristian 's photo

Kristian Jul Røsjø

Associate Partner, Antler

Jussi's photo

Jussi Salovaara

Managing Partner Asia and Co-Founder, Antler

Puja's photo

Puja Disha Bharwani

Director , Antler

Kristin's photo

Kristin Aamodt

Investment Director, ArcTern Ventures

Siw's photo

Siw Andersen

Communications Director , Oslo Business Region

Oslo Business Region's photo

Oslo Business Region -

Ingrid's photo

Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross

CEO, Norwegian Cancer Society

Tom's photo

Tom Miskin

Project Manager, Oslo Innovation Week

Stein Olav's photo

Stein Olav Skrøvseth

Centre Director, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Daniel's photo

Daniel Malarek

General Manager, Norway, Roche Diagnostics

Preben's photo

Preben Strøm

Managing Director, Energy Valley

Morten 's photo

Morten Høglund

Norwegian ambassador to ASEAN, Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta

Jan-Fredrik's photo

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen

CEO, Optime Subsea

Kathrine's photo

Kathrine Ryengen


Maren's photo

Maren Hersleth Holsen

State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

Sondre's photo

Sondre Magnussen

Co-founder and COO, Entrepreneur, Speiz, Antler

Mari's photo

Mari Sundli Tveit

Political Director, NHO

Guro's photo

Guro Husby

Chief Communications Officer, Norsirk

Anine's photo

Anine Dedekam Moldskred

Project Manager, Restarters Norway

Trude Helén's photo

Trude Helén Shelby

Business Psychologist, Corporate Spring

Cecilie's photo

Cecilie Heuch

Chief People & Sustainability Officer, Telenor

Lars Johan's photo

Lars Johan Hereid


Karianne's photo

Karianne Melleby

Director Corporate Partnerships, StartupLab

Jakob's photo

Jakob Krupka

Director, Real Estate Development, Møller Eiendom

Kaia Kristina's photo

Kaia Kristina Furnes

Group Strategic Advisor and Business Developer, Hafslund E-CO

Erik's photo

Erik Lahnstein

Director of Government Affairs, Cisco

Andreas's photo

Andreas Birnik

Global Venture Partner, Antler

Tom Erik's photo

Tom Erik Lia

CCO & Co-founder, Pexip

Nina's photo

Nina Riibe

CEO, Econa

Mali's photo

Mali Hole Skogen

Technology and Sustainability Director, ICT Norway

Fredrik's photo

Fredrik Syversen

Acting CEO, ICT Norway

Anita Moe's photo

Anita Moe Larsen

Head of Communication, Norway Health Tech

Kathrine's photo

Kathrine Myhre

CEO , Norway Health Tech

Gaute's photo

Gaute Hagerup

CEO, Oslo Business Region

Leonora's photo

Leonora Onarheim Bergsjø

Head of Working Group, NORDE (Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics)

Morten's photo

Morten Dalsmo

Executive Vice President, Sintef

Elisabeth's photo

Elisabeth Holvik

Chief Economist, Sparebank1

Oliver's photo

Oliver Halvorsrød

CEO, Entrepedia

Dr Bente 's photo

Dr Bente Mikkelsen

Director of the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases, WHO

Dr Janez's photo

Dr Janez Potočnik

Special Adviser, European Commissioner for the Environment & Oceans and Fisheries

Eilert's photo

Eilert Giertsen Hanoa

CEO, Kahoot!

Bjorn Andreas's photo

Bjorn Andreas Wentzel

Raymond's photo

Raymond Johansen

Governing Mayor, City of Oslo

Sigrid's photo

Sigrid Bratlie

Special Adviser, Norwegian Cancer Society

Lars's photo

Lars Dahle

CEO, Dignio

Arne's photo

Arne Øyen

Sonitor Technologies Group President and CEO , Sonitor

Kari's photo

Kari Krogstad

CEO, Medistim

Marieke's photo

Marieke Van Doorninck

Deputy Mayor, City of Amsterdam

Stian's photo

Stian Krogstad

Manager, Innovation & Strategy, Capgemini Invent

Per's photo

Per Lindberg

CEO, Sunlit Sea AS

Peter's photo

Peter Barter

Head of Marketing, Pipeotech

Magnus's photo

Magnus Arveng

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Ntention

Trine's photo

Trine Radmann

Head of International relations, Norway Health Tech

Arnt's photo

Arnt Kristiansen

Director EMEAR Planning, Supply Chain Ops, Operations, Cisco

Torkel's photo

Torkel Mellingen


Per Magne's photo

Per Magne Helseth

Founder, Airtight (now part of Airthings)

Tommy's photo

Tommy Hagenes

Founder, PropTech Bergen

Peter's photo

Peter Straume

Managing Partner, ABG Sundal Collier

Paul's photo

Paul Chaffey

State Secretary, Ministry of Local Government

Hodan's photo

Hodan Aden

CEO, Mellomrom arkitekturpsykologi AS

Audun's photo

Audun Abelsnes

Managing Director, Techstars Energy Accelerator

Bjørn's photo

Bjørn Lapakko

Head of Startup Extreme, Startup Norway

Dag's photo

Dag Sletmo

Senior Vice President, Client Advisor, DNB Seafood

Elin's photo

Elin Skauge

Vice President, Practice Lead Innovation & Strategy, Capgemini Invent

Ingrid's photo

Ingrid Kylstad

Chief Operations Officer, Katapult Ocean

Jeremy's photo

Jeremy McCrohan

Head of Investor Relations, Norway Health Tech

Kari Aina's photo

Kari Aina Eik

Secretary General, OiER & U4SCC

Lukas's photo

Lukas Ertl

Head of Communications and Head of Special Projects, OiER

Marielle's photo

Marielle Furnes Mannseth

Managing Director, Ålesund Future Lab

Nina's photo

Nina Stangeland

Managing Director, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

Nora's photo

Nora Lindström

Global Lead for Digital Development, Plan International

Oscar's photo

Oscar Nöjd

Head of IM Sales Innovation, Samsung

Philip's photo

Philip Hansteen

Corporate Liaison, Equinor

Wenche's photo

Wenche Fredriksen

Nordic Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Accenture

Jalal's photo

Jalal Gseir

Senior Vice President of Finance, Kongsberg Digital

Fredrik's photo

Fredrik Anfinsen

Co-Founder & Director Product Development, Cognite AS

Marit's photo

Marit Bjerkreim

Business Analyst, ECIT

Bjarne's photo

Bjarne Schieldrop

Chief Analyst, Commodities, SEB

Jørn's photo

Jørn Haanæs

Startup Director, Oslo Business Region

Dilek's photo

Dilek Ayhan

Special Advisor to President/Management team,

Gunnar 's photo

Gunnar Birkeland

CEO , Unitech Energy

Trine's photo

Trine Loe

Global Head of Future & Tech Industries, DNB

Johan E.'s photo

Johan E. Andreassen

CEO, Atlantic Sapphire

Per's photo

Per Grieg

Chairman, Grieg Seafood

Gustav's photo

Gustav Witzøe

CEO , SalMar

Knut Ivar's photo

Knut Ivar Bakken

Seafood Analyst, Danske Bank Markets

Amir's photo

Amir Sasson

Provost - Innovation and Outreach, BI Norwegian Business School

Joachim's photo

Joachim Høegh-Krohn

CEO, Argentum

Hoa 's photo

Hoa Nguyen Le

Scale-up Lead, BI Norwegian Business School

Gareth's photo

Gareth Burns

Vice President Equinor Venture, Equinor

Kaare's photo

Kaare Helle

Venture Director, DNV GL

Knut's photo

Knut Vassbotn

Head of Business Development, Aker Offshore Wind

Per Ingvar's photo

Per Ingvar Olsen

Professor, BI Norwegian Business School

Markus's photo

Markus Dietrich

Investment Analyst, Hadean Ventures

Hanne Mette's photo

Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen

CEO, The Life Science Cluster

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Event Starts

Mon, 21 Sep 2020

9:00 AM


Event Ends

Fri, 25 Sep 2020

5:00 PM


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