Nov 12

NJF Conference - Sweden

NJF Sweden

About this Event

Welcome to Sweden’s First NJF Conference

"Sustainable Development of Future Academia"

  • The aim of the National Faculty (NJF) conference is to discuss how we can protect high quality research, innovation, education and academic freedom from our perspective as faculty members and early-career reserachers. We will then generate recommendations for future directions and guidelines.

  • A great lineup of invited speakers from Sweden and Europe are joining, see below for full agenda.

Agenda - Time zone CET (GMT+1)

Thursday, 12th Nov

12:00-13:00 Information Booth - Mo Segad (Conference Chair)

13:00-13:15 Welcome and opening words - Mo Segad (Conference Chair) and Sara Hägg (co-chair)

13.15-14.00 Keynote: Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council

14.00-14.10 Short break and e-coffee

14.10-15.00 Session I: Panel Debate: What is our future? Session Chair (Mo Segad)

  • Maria Thuveson, Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • Tobias KrantzSpecial investigator, Sweden’s National Research Infrastructure
  • Pam Fredman, President of the International Association of Universities (IAU) and STRUT-investigator 
  • Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council 

15:00-15:30 Interactive breakout session I

15:30-15:45 Short break and e-coffee

15:45-15:55 Short presentation by our sponsor Naturvetarna

15:55-16:00 Short presentation by our sponsor Thermofisher

16.00-16.45 Session II: What does our current situation look like? Session Chair (Sara Hägg)

  • Lars Geschwind, Head of Learning Unit, National survey: 10 years after PhD in Sweden 
  • Carine Signoret, Senior Lecturer, A survey – NJF of Sweden 
  • Riia Sustarsic, Grant Manager/Coordinator, Academic career other than tenure 

16:45-17:15 Interactive breakout session II

17:15-17:40 Summarizing key points by Mo Segad and Sara Hägg

17.40-19.00 Social Event

Friday, 13th Nov

9:00-9:10 Welcome and opening words - Mo Segad (Conference Chair) and Sara Hägg (co-chair)

09.10-10.00 Keynote: Michelle King, Director of Inclusion 

10:00-10:10 Short break and e-coffee 

10:10-10:20 Short presentation by our main sponsor SSMF

10.20-11.10 Session III: What is an ideal academic environment? Session Chair (Cecilia Engdahl & Asghar Muhammad)

  • Juha Nieminen, Lecturer in Teaching and learning, Work-life balance 
  • Karin Åmossa, SULF, Perspectives from the unions on work-life balance and an ideal research environment 

11:10-11-40 Interactive breakout session III 

11:40-12:00 Summarizing key points by Cecilia Engdahl & Asghar Muhammad - Final words by Mo Segad (Conference Chair)

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Mo's photo

Mo Segad

NJF Conference Chair,

Sara's photo

Sara Hägg

Conference co-chair, NJF

Cecilia's photo

Cecilia Engdahl

NJF, Chair Session III,

Jean-Pierre 's photo

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

President of the European Research Council,

Pam 's photo

Pam Fredman

President of the International Association of Universities,

Maria 's photo

Maria Thuveson

Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR),

Tobias's photo

Tobias Krantz

Former Minister of Higher Education and Research,

Michelle's photo

Michelle King

Director of Inclusion at Netflix,

Karin 's photo

Karin Åmossa

Head of Research and International Affairs, SULF

Juha 's photo

Juha Nieminen

Lecturer, KI

Riia 's photo

Riia Sustarsic

Grant Manager/Project Coordinator, Lund University/Rigshospitalet

Lars 's photo

Lars Geschwind

Professor, KTH

Carine 's photo

Carine Signoret

Senior Lecturer, LiU

Gunnar's photo

Gunnar Schulte

Scientific Secretery , SSMF

Asghar's photo

Asghar Muhammad

NJF, Chair Session III,

Lovisa's photo

Lovisa Lundholm

Researcher, Stockholm University

Ulrikke's photo

Ulrikke Voss

Lecturer , University of Oslo

Jose G's photo

Jose G Martinez

Biträdande universitetslektor, Linköpings Universitet

Julia's photo

Julia Sabet

Researcher, Örebro University

Rodrigo's photo

Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalo

Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Shireen's photo

Shireen Sindi

Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institute

Grant's photo

Grant Kemp

Researcher, Stockholm University

Anders's photo

Anders Rasmussen

Associate Professor, Lund University

Claire's photo

Claire Lyons

Associate Researcher, Lund University

Vojtech's photo

Vojtech Klézl

Associate Senior Lecturer, Örebro University

Naveed's photo

Naveed Asghar

Senior Lecturer, Örebro University

Cecilia's photo

Cecilia Bull

Associate Professor , University of Gothenburg

Sara's photo

Sara Wallström

Researcher, University of Gothenburg

Patricia's photo

Patricia Romans Fuertes

Postdoctoral researcher , Stockholm university

Tobias's photo

Tobias Lundquist

Policy Officer, International Secretary, Naturvetarna

Alexandra's photo

Alexandra Petrulevich

Researcher, Uppsala University, Dept. of Scandinavian Languages

Nicole's photo

Nicole van der Burg

PostDoc, Lund University

Gemma's photo

Gemma Mestres

Associate Professor, Uppsala University

Madlen's photo

Madlen Hubert

Researcher, Uppsala University

Johan's photo

Johan Henriksson

Group leader, MIMS/Umeå university

Ane's photo

Ane Metola

Postdoctoral researcher, Stockholm University

David's photo

David Poxson

Principle Research Engineer, Linköping University

Mehwish's photo

Mehwish Akram

Image Analyst, Stockholm University

Laia's photo

Laia Caja

Researcher, Uppsala University

Nick's photo

Nick Tobin

Senior researcher, Karolinska Institute

Jasmine's photo

Jasmine Zhang

Postdoc, SLU

Julia's photo

Julia Netrval

Sr. District Sales Manager Nordics, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Event Starts

Thu, 12 Nov 2020

1:00 PM


Event Ends

Fri, 13 Nov 2020

1:00 PM


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