Nov 12

NJF Conference - Sweden

NJF Sweden

About this Event

Welcome to Sweden’s First NJF Conference

  • The aim of the National Junior Faculty (NJF) conference is to discuss how we can protect high quality research, innovation, education and academic freedom from our perspective as early-career researchers and faculty members. We will then generate recommendations for future directions and guidelines.

  • A great lineup of invited speakers from Sweden and Europe are joining, see below and check here. Full agenda can also be found here.

  • Feel free to tweet and tag #NJFconference2020. Please know that the most reliable experience to join the NJF virtual platform is by using Chrome browser.

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Sara's photo

Sara Hägg

Associate Professor, KI

Cecilia's photo

Cecilia Engdahl

Associate Professor , Sahlgrenska Academy, GU

Mo's photo

Mo Segad

NJF Conference Chair,

Jean-Pierre 's photo

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

President of the European Research Council,

Pam 's photo

Pam Fredman

President of the International Association of Universities,

Maria 's photo

Maria Thuveson

Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR),

Tobias's photo

Tobias Krantz

Former Minister of Higher Education and Research,

Michelle's photo

Michelle King

Director of Inclusion at Netflix,

Karin 's photo

Karin Åmossa

Head of Research and International Affairs at The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, SULF

Juha 's photo

Juha Nieminen

Lecturer, KI

Riia 's photo

Riia Sustarsic

Grant Manager/Coordinator,

Lars 's photo

Lars Geschwind

Professor, KTH

Carine 's photo

Carine Signoret

Senior Lecturer, LiU

Gunnar's photo

Gunnar Schulte

Professor, KI

Event Starts

Thu, 12 Nov 2020

1:00 PM


Event Ends

Fri, 13 Nov 2020

1:00 PM


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