Sep 29

World Interaction Design Day 2020 - Europe


About this Event

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Agenda (All time Berlin time / CET)

9 h 45 : The stream starts.

10 h 00 : IxDA London starts the show, with Megha Wadhawan, Louise Armstrong and Dan Lockton.

11 h 00 : IxDA Budapest continues with Ferenc Muck, Csilla Nárai and Peter Klein.

12 h 00 : IxDA Dublin ends the morning with Kevin Devine.

13 h 00 : IxDA London returns to the stage with Cade Diehm, Molly Wilson, Kat Lo, Eriol Fox, and Gorgyi Galik.

15 h 30 : IxDA Zurich follows with Christina Hübschen, Cornelia Lass, Dr Anton Fedosov, Sarah Schöni, Marta Andreoni Peter Eisenegger and Adrian Sameli..

18 h 45 : IxDA Berlin and Oslo grabs the stage, with Chris Adams, Michelle Thorne, Jay Meissner and Fredik Matheson.

20 h 00 : IxDA Netherlands ends the show with Evert Albers, Marcel Zwiers, Constantine Gavrykov and Alexandra Popova.

22 h 00 : And that's a wrap. 

(Detailled session timing available inside, so get your ticket. it's free and easy).

What is World Interaction Design Day (IxDD)?

World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition. Our aim is to have a positive, long-lasting impact by facilitating activities that support dialogue and outcomes.

Given the global pandemic, this year’s edition of IxDD will be a digital-first experience. We’ll continue to come together, but apart, through regional live stream events from around the world.

Presented in partnership with Adobe and IxDA, we welcome everyone to engage in content around the theme for 2020: Culture and Sustainability

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Gilles's photo

Gilles Demarty

UX Architect at :ratio and IxDA volunteer, IxDA

Thomas's photo

Thomas Link

Chapter Lead, IxDA Zürich

Filip's photo

Filip Szymczak

Otto's photo

Otto Virta

Regional Coordinator, IxDA Europe

Boon's photo

Boon Chew

Local Leader, IxDA London | Principal UX designer, Elsevier,

Thomas's photo

Thomas Fogarasy

Managing Partner, Exalt Interactive

Anouschka's photo

Anouschka Scholten 🇳🇱

Local leader IxDA Netherlands | Freelance IxD & User researcher , Municipality of Amsterdam

Diana's photo

Diana Balzarini

Product UX Designer, Ricardo AG

Tünde's photo

Tünde Gál

Local leader @IxDA Budapest | UX/UI @GE Healthcare,

Kathryn's photo

Kathryn Hing

IxDA Berlin Local Leader, IxDA Berlin

peter's photo

peter klein

ux designer, ge healthcare

Megha's photo

Megha Wadhawan

Louise's photo

Louise Armstrong

Dan's photo

Dan Lockton

Director, Imaginaries Lab | Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University,

Ferenc's photo

Ferenc Muck

Co-founder, Head of Design, ff. next

Csilla's photo

Csilla Nárai

Cade 's photo

Cade Diehm

Molly's photo

Molly Wilson

Kat's photo

Kat Lo

Marcel 's photo

Marcel Zwiers

CDO at studio 31Volts, 31Volts

Eriol's photo

Eriol Fox

Design Lead, Open Food Network & Open Source Design

Evert's photo

Evert Albers

Designer at, Streeff - Web, Identity & Information design

Chris's photo

Chris Adams

Constantine's photo

Constantine Gavrykov

Global UX/CX Director at Intersport, Intersport

Michelle's photo

Michelle Thorne

Fredrik's photo

Fredrik Matheson

IxDA Oslo local leader, event producer,

Andre Jay's photo

Andre Jay Meissner

Local Leader at IxDA Berlin, Co-Founder of IxDD,

Kevin's photo

Kevin Devine


Alexandra's photo

Alexandra Popova

Sr Product Owner, Adidas

Christina's photo

Christina Hübschen

CHRO, Avaloq

Cornelia's photo

Cornelia Lass

Head People Experience at Avaloq,

Anton's photo

Anton Fedosov

UX Researcher, University of Zurich

Sarah's photo

Sarah Schöni

UX Architect, EBP

Marta's photo

Marta Andreoni

Lead UX Designer, TX Markets

Sabrina's photo

Sabrina Couto

UX Designer @Coolblue | Chapter Lead of Ladies that UX Amsterdam, Ladies that UX Amsterdam

Peter's photo

Peter Eisenegger

Sustainable Business Designer, Ferric Worx

Adrian's photo

Adrian Sameli

Head of IT, elea

Peter's photo

Peter Boersma

Director Of Product Design at ServiceNow | Chapter lead Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours, Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours

Tatiana's photo

Tatiana Sidorenkova

UX Researcher at Adyen | Organizer, Amsterdam UX

Gyorgyi 's photo

Gyorgyi Galik

Peter's photo

Peter Horvath

Kimberly's photo

Kimberly Snoyl

Test- en User Experience Specialist | Chapter Lead of Ladies that UX Utrecht, Ladies that UX Utrecht

Lucia's photo

Lucia Ye

Thomas's photo

Thomas Link

Creative Director UX, Namics AG

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Event Starts

Tue, 29 Sep 2020

9:45 AM


Event Ends

Tue, 29 Sep 2020

10:00 PM


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